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By Larry Agunsday, Aug 5 2015 09:40PM

AAA recently conducted a comprehensive study of crashes involving teens and distracted driving. The results are scary. The study found that distraction was a factor in nearly 60% of crashes. This is far higher than the NHTSA's previous estimates that distraction is a factor in 14% of all teen driver crashes.

AAA 's study found:

The most common forms of distraction leading up to a crash by a teen driver included:

Interacting with one or more passengers: 15 percent of crashes

Cell phone use: 12 percent of crashes

Looking at something in the vehicle: 10 percent of crashes

Looking at something outside the vehicle: 9 percent of crashes

Singing/moving to music: 8 percent of crashes

Grooming: 6 percent of crashes

Reaching for an object: 6 percent of crashes

The full article with links to statistics can be found by clicking here.

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